Maia Astrid Croizet was born in Buenos Aires, 1987.

Since she was a child she has always felt a special attraction to photography, encouraged by her grand mother, who was interested in such discipline. However, it was not until the age of 17, during her last high school year that she had her first contact with photography when she took a preparatory course at “La  imagen” School of Photography, given by Daniel Garcia. In 2005 Maia enters the Creative School of Photography, Andy Goldstein and she starts taking pictures for the magazine “El acople” and the Spanish magazine based in Madrid “Rock Estatal” the following year. In 2006, she gets her degree as a professional photographer. Since then, she has been taking a variety of courses seeking specialty. Such courses include: illumination with Fernando Cassanueva (2006), Photography and Photo Direction in films with Juan Imassi (2006), Pinhole Photography Workshop (2006), Internship at the Black and White Lab at EFC Andy Goldstein (2006), Seminar of Advertising and Fashion Photography with Aldo Bressi (2007). Course in Creativity. CreaImproArte given by Adrián Bechelli. Argentina Association of Advertising Agencies (October 2010). Workshop on technical and aesthetic photographic projects given by Ramiro Chaves. Art and Culture Gym  of José Luis Cuevas (DF, México 2012). Workshop on techniques and various applications of the light given by Yara Angel. Workshop on conservation and restoration of negatives. Mexico Photo Center (DF, México. March 2012). Workshop on Audiovisual Edition for Photography given by Nicolás Combarro. Art Direction (Escuela Industria, 2012). Photography direction, Punto Cine school, BA, Arg. (2014-2016). Night photography with Mark Powell, México City (2016) Seeing through photographs MoMa, New York, USA. (2016). Mentorship guide with Gaby Messina (2017). Mentorship guide with Mariana Maggio (2016 until now). Lighting design (2021).

At the present time Maia is currently working in her photo studio for a variety of clients in the architecture field, design, fashion, still and commercial photography. She also worked for different magazines such as ‘Para Ti’, ‘Para Teens’, ‘Top Teen’, ‘90+10’, “Movil’, ‘Corsa’, ‘Mujer Country’, ‘Entrecasa’, ‘Haciendo Cine’, among others. She had the photo editor and photographer role in ‘Distrito Arte’, art magazine and DHousse, architecture and design magazine.

Individual and group Exhibition.


-“FictaRem:FictaVerus”. – Solo online exhibition. Represented by Tokonoma Art Gallery in partnership with Otra feria de arte. 2020.

-“FictaRem:FictaVerus” – Grupal Exhibition LaFaena, QI cultural center. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (December 2019).

-“FictaRem:FictaVerus” – Grupal Exhibition. FoLA, Fototeca latinoamericana. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (September – November 2019).

-“FictaRem:FictaVerus” – Grupal Exhibition. Architecture and design museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (October 2018).

-“Picante” – Grupal Exhibition. Fortabat Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (June 2018).

-“Picante” – Grupal Exhibition. Primitive Ink Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (February 2018).

-“Picante” – Diderot Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017 until now.

-«Superbowl» – Group Exhibition, Photography, Espacio Peña, Buenos Aires, Argentina (December 2017).

-“Picante” – Individual Exhibition. Sismo Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (September/ December 2017).

-«Rara Avis. Mechanic» – Group Exhibition, Museum Fernández Blanco, Bs.As, Argentina (December  2016).

-“Nano Photo festival” – Night portrait. FoLa, Bs.As, Argentina (2016).

-“Picante” – Grupal Exhibition. Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura. México. (September 2016). -«Hotel» – Group Exhibition, Photography, Espacio Peña, Buenos Aires, Argentina (December 2015).

-“Motor” – Individual Exhibition. Espacio Pilar. Art Fair. Argentina 2014.